Professional range

an assortment of honeys dedicated to professionals; pastry chefs, bakers, nougateers and chefs, to name a few. for some time now, the top talents have recognized that their success depends on the quality of their raw materials. the outcome of a recipe often hinges on the purity of an ingredient.
next to the logo of mieli thun is the wording: pure ingredient. we see ourselves as manufacturers of basic building blocks to be used to construct a dish, and consequently we see honey as an inspiration on which to build our daily dietary plan. honey, rich in life-sustaining substances, is a fundamental ingredient above all because it performs some technically essential functions. it’s not just sweet, but much, much more. sometimes it provides the texture in which other ingredients “drown”, as in nougat; sometimes it is food for the yeasts’ fermentation, as in bread and other baked goods. it can be part of savory dishes, often used because of its high emulsifying capacity. we like to remind people that honey is excellent at extracting aromas from fresh vegetables and that it acts as a fine preservative for processed fruit. Honey is present in marinades for meat and fish, for caramelizing and in grilled preparations, where it contributes to the maillard reaction. it is, of course, often used as a fine sweetener, providing a much smoother, graceful and fuller taste than other substances.
we offer a variety of formats, starting with the 1000g squeezer, perfect for use in kitchens and cocktail bars.
the 4.5 kg bucket contains varieties particularly suited for use in professional kitchens. four honeys with different intensities, colors, tastes and technical characteristics. find out more on the fact sheets. the bucket is also much appreciated by families and singles who use a lot of honey at home.,1035.jpg?WebbinsCacheCounter=1

orange bucket

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orange bucket

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wildflower bucket

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french honeysuckle bucket

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orange bucket

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