sempre miele kneading hands

kneading hands

honey, fruit and flour form the base of an excellent starter. bakers and pastry cooks have always used honey to make their doughs rise and to maintain the right level of moisture in bakery products. honey is a natural preservative and above all, emits aromas during the cooking process. honey is good health.

in the kitchen

gingerbread /ingredients for 4\6 people:

  • 240 g petra 9 flour
  • 240g french honeysuckle or coriander honey
  • 2g powdered cinnamon
  • 2g powdered ginger
  • 1 ground clove
  • 1g grated nutmeg
  • 2g star anise (mace)
  • 175g water
  • 1\2 envelope of yeast for cakes.
  • bring the water to a boil, turn off the flame, add the honey and dissolve well. in a bowl, blend the sifted flour with the spices and yeast. pour the water and honey mixture into the dry ingredients and stir until it forms a smooth batter, pour into a casserole covered with wax paper and bake in an unventilated oven at 150°c for 50 minutes.,977.jpg?WebbinsCacheCounter=1


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friends of the bees

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in the kitchen

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salads and condiments

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kneading hands

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sempre miele

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honey colors have iridescent tones, with many hues and highlights, making it difficult to define and codify a scale. mielicromia i san excuse for collecting curiosities, sensory notes, ideas for culinary uses, matching pollens, place of origin and botanical information about the flowers that generate the honey. an id card for each one, an indispensabile tool for recoignizing, reusing and returning honeys, in the plural, to the dignity they deserve. ed. by: mieli thun - corraini edizioni
amiisbn: 9788890522505
pages: 56


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