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bees unite earth and sky, the beekeeper is the human whose hand allows winged love to encounter the deepest roots of the earth, forming a gift. From top to bottom, without the bees the worlds of the ethereal and the material could never meet and give rise to new life, a gift. like a dancing line on the horizon, the bee is a celestial being that touches the ground only to die, with a greedy, impatient tongue that sucks the nectar from the depth of the flower calyxes, collects it, chews it, enriches it with nutrients and transforms it into honey, a gift. honey is therefore the soul of flowers interpreted by bees, reduced to its essence and delivered to us, a gift. when we dissolve a teaspoon of honey in a glass of water, we enjoy an infusion of flower aromas, that is honey, a gift. each honey is the deepest expression of the flower it represents and interprets, the relationship between bee and flower is reciprocal, egalitarian, profound, a gift. bees depend on flowers for their sustenance, and “repay” them by pollinating them, without which there would be no seeds or fruit to create new life, and this is the greatest gift of all. when you give honey as a gift you express sensitivity and wishes for good health. we exalt the elegance and essentiality of flowers. the different colors, textures and tastes will be sure to surprise.
our gifts come from the heart, they are always unpredictable and created with artisanal care.,1298.jpg?WebbinsCacheCounter=1
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pasta al pomodoro

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gioia da vivere

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verticale di abete

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scatola mini 5

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unique pleasure

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pleasure trilogy

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mielipensieri 28g

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mielipensieri 250g

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transparency 10

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transparency 5

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chest of honey

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word chest

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acetic triangle

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acetic pentagon

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honey colors have iridescent tones, with many hues and highlights, making it difficult to define and codify a scale. mielicromia i san excuse for collecting curiosities, sensory notes, ideas for culinary uses, matching pollens, place of origin and botanical information about the flowers that generate the honey. an id card for each one, an indispensabile tool for recoignizing, reusing and returning honeys, in the plural, to the dignity they deserve. ed. by: mieli thun - corraini edizioni
amiisbn: 9788890522505
pages: 56


about mielicromia

Colours are shimmering in the shades of honey, rich in nuances and reflection, hence difficult to define and codify into a scale. Mielicromia is an excuse to tell curiosities, organoleptics notes, ideas and uses in the kitchen, concomitant pollens, places of origin botanical information about flowers to which honeys are children. For each one, one identity card, an essential tool to re-learn, re-use and re-dignify the honeys, declined only in plural.


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