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intense aromas of magnolia flowers and above all antique roses, sweet raisins, aromatic herbs and roasted yellow squash pulp. salty to the palate, sometimes acidulous, with notes of date and pepper and a peculiar taste of wood and graphite. to the ancient greeks, the honey produced on mount hymettus and in the hyblaean mountains was the best in the world.


in every warm beverage, tea and herbal tea. its acidity is a perfect match for feta and greek and cipriot cheeses in general, and especially in greek yogurt

in the kitchen

in reductions of meat or fish, together with oil to ceam seafood risotto. emulsified cold to glaze meat. lukewarm to “frost” the pignoccata palermitana. as a topping on ice cream and fruit salad


altitude range: 0-600m
bloom period: may and june

veneto umbria toscana trentino alto adige sicilia sardegna piemonte molise marche liguria lazio lombardia friuli venezia giulia emilia romagna campania calabria basilicata valle d'aosta puglia abruzzo

plant variety

perennial shrub, woody, ca. 40cm in height, with pink flowers. found in rocky, poor soils in arid regions. its leaves are small and packed with aromatic essences. widely used in cooking and medicinally.a symbol of courage in medieval times: knights departing for the crusades were given scarves with a sprig of thyme embroidered on them.

pollens and combinations *

eucalyptus, ononide bacaja, sicilian sumac, ironwort

* Indicazione di possibili altri nettari (altre specie botaniche) presenti nel miele in percentuale ridotta.,555.jpg?WebbinsCacheCounter=1
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cherry tree


quintessence of rosemary


apple tree

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honey colors have iridescent tones, with many hues and highlights, making it difficult to define and codify a scale. mielicromia i san excuse for collecting curiosities, sensory notes, ideas for culinary uses, matching pollens, place of origin and botanical information about the flowers that generate the honey. an id card for each one, an indispensabile tool for recoignizing, reusing and returning honeys, in the plural, to the dignity they deserve. ed. by: mieli thun - corraini edizioni
amiisbn: 9788890522505
pages: 56


about mielicromia

Colours are shimmering in the shades of honey, rich in nuances and reflection, hence difficult to define and codify into a scale. Mielicromia is an excuse to tell curiosities, organoleptics notes, ideas and uses in the kitchen, concomitant pollens, places of origin botanical information about flowers to which honeys are children. For each one, one identity card, an essential tool to re-learn, re-use and re-dignify the honeys, declined only in plural.


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