this is the locus of honey, where honey lovers will find the greatest assortment of high quality italian honey, monofloral and multifloral. the selection is rigorous, controlled in person as well as in specialized laboratories, the fruit of the passion that drives us and the determination to tell a stupendous italian story. different lands and climates, each one of a kind, home to autochthonous and distinctive plant species. our country is extraordinarily blessed; bathed by a calm, smooth sea, the mediterranean, and shielded in the north by the alps and along the spine of the peninsula by the apennines. italy boasts an unparalleled botanical legacy and a genuine desire to do well on the part of its beekeepers. honey is a gift, a kind of compliment on the part of the planet that is home to us and all living things.

each plant grows and blooms in a specific place, and depending on the area and its climate, exudes different aromas and scents. acacia, fluid, ethereal and suave. fir is dark, amber-colored, less sweet, it embodies the alpine heights with their aromatic dimensions, malt, citrus, a bit smoky and musky. chestnut, alike a bitter root, the crust of a crème brulée, leather and hay. orange is the scent of white flowers, the mediterranean, holidays in catania, halfway between jasmine, honeysuckle, and lily of the valley. eucalyptus, salty like the mistral, the honey of the fifth taste, in permanent conflict between umami and milky sweetness, porcino mushrooms and dulce de leche rolled into one. millefiori is the crowned king, the apex of knowledge, all the plants in its territories, snapshot of the seasonal blooms, the apotheosis. these are just some pointers, because going through the images and text will conjure up a host of other ideas, and above all many recipes and ideas for everyday cooking, where italian honey finds its most versatile and finest expression.,443.jpg?WebbinsCacheCounter=1

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honey colors have iridescent tones, with many hues and highlights, making it difficult to define and codify a scale. mielicromia i san excuse for collecting curiosities, sensory notes, ideas for culinary uses, matching pollens, place of origin and botanical information about the flowers that generate the honey. an id card for each one, an indispensabile tool for recoignizing, reusing and returning honeys, in the plural, to the dignity they deserve. ed. by: mieli thun - corraini edizioni
amiisbn: 9788890522505
pages: 56


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Colours are shimmering in the shades of honey, rich in nuances and reflection, hence difficult to define and codify into a scale. Mielicromia is an excuse to tell curiosities, organoleptics notes, ideas and uses in the kitchen, concomitant pollens, places of origin botanical information about flowers to which honeys are children. For each one, one identity card, an essential tool to re-learn, re-use and re-dignify the honeys, declined only in plural.


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