acquavite honey liquor

honey liquor

citrus honey, perhaps the most elegant, gentle and mediterranean of our nectars. 
this liquor precisely reflects these sensory characteristics. the delicate sweetness does not result from the addition of sugar, but from the honey’s aromatic flavors. the high alcohol content is not perceivable, as its aggressiveness melts away during the extensive production process.
honey fermentation begins in large vats, with the addition of a water starter containing very little honey; tumultuous fermentation follows for approximately 10 days, followed by 12 months on the lees to rest and settle.
distillation is overseen by master distiller bruno pilzer. 
a bain-marie batch still is necessary to obsessively control distillation temperatures. aromatic fractionating takes place in the rectifier columns, where the heads and tails are separated out to exalt the noblest aromatic compounds. distillation was carried out in january 2019; the full alcohol proof liquor rests for 12 months in steel tanks, which are neutral by nature. one week at 0°C ensues, followed by dilution in water from porphyritic rock, gentle filtration and bottling. that’s all.
everything runs smooth and easy if fate is with us every single day for at least 36 months.


si abbina bene alla pasticceria secca, ai formaggi erborinati, agli stagionati e di malga in genere, è una bevanda da buone compagnie. consigliamo una temperatura di servizio tra i 10 e i 14 gradi centigradi.,1039.jpg?WebbinsCacheCounter=2

honey liquor


honey liquor


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honey colors have iridescent tones, with many hues and highlights, making it difficult to define and codify a scale. mielicromia i san excuse for collecting curiosities, sensory notes, ideas for culinary uses, matching pollens, place of origin and botanical information about the flowers that generate the honey. an id card for each one, an indispensabile tool for recoignizing, reusing and returning honeys, in the plural, to the dignity they deserve. ed. by: mieli thun - corraini edizioni
amiisbn: 9788890522505
pages: 56


about mielicromia

Colours are shimmering in the shades of honey, rich in nuances and reflection, hence difficult to define and codify into a scale. Mielicromia is an excuse to tell curiosities, organoleptics notes, ideas and uses in the kitchen, concomitant pollens, places of origin botanical information about flowers to which honeys are children. For each one, one identity card, an essential tool to re-learn, re-use and re-dignify the honeys, declined only in plural.


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